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     Being able to draw from an early age encouraged me to learn any form of art through my K thru 12 school education.  I had been designing and fabricating signs and commissioned art since high school.  After graduation, I started pursuing an Associates Degree here at Monroe Community College and in 1974 I started a business that evolved into a graphics arts service in a local print shop.  The majority of my education has been through others, as an apprentice and through workshops and seminars.  I now specialize in mural work using alternative materials.   My work is seen in local franchises, commercial enterprises such as pubs, restaurants and businesses in Canton, Royal Oak  & Grand Rapids, Michigan and Northern Ohio.


    I founded Tiger Quill Images, professional art services, in 1989, making sign and graphic billboard work, which now includes fine arts and murals. My work now translates into high impact art using alternative materials. “Whimsy of Whales” (20 feet high x 10 feet wide) in 2011 followed by “So Long and Thanks” in 2012 were accepted into ArtPrize in Grand Rapids. “We Wait in Waves with Love” in 2013 visited Artscape in Detroit winning second place, and two pieces were at Art Explored in Royal Oak until Summer 2015.


    I completed new pieces for both Artscape (The Detroit Riverfront Conservancy Show, June 2014) and ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, Michigan (September 2014 & 2015).  I am exploring this industrial medium in a new way – automobile paint on aluminum with ground backgrounds for texture.  This technique gives a holographic effect to the base of the piece.   I hope to continue developing a connection with local city governments, including my own here in historically rich Monroe.  My work is fueling public art, which has proven to have great impact on community vibrancy.


    I love making big, fun art and making it outdoor durable gets all the fun to more people.  Its a blast walking around the corner and have something twelve feet high surprize you with vibrant colors and impossible characters..  My work is storytelling unfolding right before your eyes.  I hope all my pieces make someone smile everyday!

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