Dolphin Poster by Jennie M. Burt

This poster is printed in full color on coated stock.  It is 22 inches by 29 inches in size and an affordable alternative to my aluminum artwork.  

So Long & Thanks Dolphins


This little mural is the result of combining ground aluminum sheets and automotive paints.  The subjects appear to float in the foreground, a trick of the materials used.  The Faces are screwed to the frame, giving the piece a contemporary and industrial feel.  The finished size is 43.75"x 57.5"

The painting itself is weather resistant.  If you would prefer to hang this outdoor, I would finish the back with clear coat before delivery at no additional charge.

This mural is 5'5" wide and 12" high.  To facilitate shipping and installation, it breaks apart in three pieces, which unbolt and are only 5'5" x 4' per section.  Rivets secure the panels to 2 " tubular aluminum frames.  It can be mounted on legs or secured to a wall.  The technique is 3D in nature and the characters come alive on their wild ride through the oceans waves.  This mural would be suitable for a children's museum, library facade or children's hospital.  It can be installed indoors or outdoors and with appropriate lighting the 3D effect can be year round.

Installation is extra.

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© 2005 by Jennie M. Burt/Tiger Quill Images, LLC. 

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